Arlene Cain

Arlene Vidaurri Cain

AP Technology Coordinator, Lake Charles Boston Academy of Learning


We need to educate students for the future not the past.

The amount of information in today’s world is overwhelming. We cannot focus on teaching facts and information but on skills that develop collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.


We need to adapt our teaching to meet the needs of today’s digital students.

Today’s students are digital natives. They use a variety of digital devices and have access to a wide range of digital media.  We need to utilize these devices as educational tools.


We need to teach students how to search out, utilize and manage the knowledge that is readily available to them.

We need to teach students to be independent life-long learners. Instead of teaching facts, we need to teach students how to search out information and use this information to develop, design, collaborate and solve problems.


We need to focus on teacher and student collaboration in a global society.

As teachers we need to use collaboration tools to collaborate with other teachers across the curriculum to enhance the educational experience of our students. As we learn to collaborate we can better teach students the art of collaboration and to use collaboration tools.


We need to embrace change and learn as our students learn.

Most mobile media and technologies are new to us. We need to learn to utilize today’s mobile technologies as learning tools and incorporate these tools into our curriculum.

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Arlene Cain has a Master’s Degree in Biology Education, and National Board Certification in adolescent and young adult science. She is a course developer and online instructor for Louisiana Virtual School and an Advanced Placement teacher and online instructor at Calcasieu Parish. She has thirty years of teaching experience, and was recently included on NSBA’s “20 to Watch” list.