Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Superintendent, Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD), Mooresville NC


Belief in children is a prerequisite for any teacher’s success.

Ron Edmonds’ research from the 1970’s holds true; there is a direct correlation between expectations and performance: “School success is a lot like democracy; it cannot be mandated or imposed. It is the product of people working together...” James P. Commer, School Power, 1980.


Connected learning creates synergy and energy for students and teachers.

Thomas and Brown suggest “that learning should be viewed in terms of an environment—combined with the rich resources provided by the digital information network—where the context in which learning happens, the boundaries that define it, and the students, teachers, and information within it all coexist and shape each other in a mutually reinforcing way.”


School should be fun!

Teachers, students, and school staff should enjoy and have fun with the experience of learning together.


Cognition ignition fuels learning.

With ubiquitous digital resources, students and teachers have access to precise information about how the learning is going. This "awareness and understanding," this cognition, can ignite learning.


Love is the most powerful force in classrooms.

When students know that they are loved, when employees know that they are cared for, and when love and care are coupled with academic focus and determination, excellence will abound!

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Dr. Mark Edwards currently serves as Superintendent of Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) in Mooresville NC. As a pioneer of 1:1 computing in public schools, he was named eSchool News Magazine’s 2002 Tech Savvy Superintendent and received the Harold W. McGraw Prize In Education in 2003. He has launched his second district 1:1 laptop initiative, equipping more than 5600 students in the Mooresville district with 21st century skills via laptops and interactive boards. The district was recognized as a ComputerWorld Laureate in June 2012, and will be presented with the Sylvia Charp award at the 2012 ISTE Conference.