About Five Things I’ve Learned

Showcasing great examples of the best in education has always been at the heart of the Pearson Foundation’s mission.

In the process, we’ve met truly remarkable people—individuals whose experience, judgment, and generosity have been instructive, and whose tireless commitment to helping people better their lives has been inspiring.

Five Things I’ve Learned is a collection of personal reflections—many from education leaders already connected to the Pearson Foundation in some way, many from others we’ve met only recently.

Though contributors come from different backgrounds, they share a life devoted to improving the fortunes of others through learning. By bringing these voices together, we aim to create a forum that both showcases these leaders and helps others as they try to make sense of the many perspectives shaping the ongoing debate about education, about learning, and about what’s possible for individuals, for organizations, and for communities around the world.

This idea is a simple one, and we hope you find this website equally simple and easy to use. We hope too that—if you find yourself inspired by something you see here—you will help spread the word.

There are great things happening in classrooms and community organizations every day. The education leaders whose perspectives are collected here are just part of a continuing conversation about what works in education. We’re privileged to have the chance to learn from them.